What we do


We conduct theory-based appraisals and evaluations of complex development interventions. We are proponents of constructive, forward-looking evaluations that reveal real improvement potential based on past performance. We believe that evaluations are a means to better performance and not an end in itself. We therefore conduct all our evaluations as unbiased, fact-driven evaluators and strongly encourage our clients to make evaluation reports publically available, together with a management response and an implementation plan.

Complex initiatives such as global and regional programs often pose challenges to successful analysis, for example:

  • Vaguely defined objectives and results frameworks that have possibly evolved over time
  • Large and diverse project portfolios
  • Complex impact logic and difficult attribution of results outside the program’s direct sphere of influence
  • Indirect and/or unintended impact pathways
  • Complex governance arrangements

Through our collaborations and our own research and evaluation work we have developed reliable approaches able to handle these challenges. They allow us to apply rigorous methodology that generates reliable empirical results and insights also for complex development interventions. Evaluation assignments include:

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