What we do


Our advisory work is aimed at helping those who plan, implement and evaluate development programs to improve their performance. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all consultancies but, instead, select those opportunities where our experiences and skills exactly match the need.

Our advisory work consists of three types of activities:

  • Short-term expert advice. We have realized that it is enormously more effective and efficient to infuse expert knowledge on strategy, governance and partnership structures into programs during the initial design phase or during critical restructuring phases. Once programs have established their management modus operandi, even pressing changes are considerably harder to accept and implement. Consequently, when relevant and requested, we offer our advice on strategy, governance and partnership structure during the design and critical restructuring phases of programs. We are usually able to quickly and informally respond to requests and to offer this service free of charge. Let us know if you require this type of advice.
  • Consultancy projects. Advisory work exceeding an expert opinion and requiring substantial analysis is usually implemented as consultancy projects. Typical examples are international benchmarking studies, project portfolio analysis and optimization, optimization of partnership structures and balancing of effectiveness and inclusion in program governance. Assignments include:
  • Long-term working relationships with programs. IfDS founder and manager Markus Palenberg has ongoing working relationships with global development programs. We see this as a means to stay in touch with the day-to-day reality of program implementers and to take management responsibility:
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